Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates (2016)

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From the director of popular comedy series “SWAT San Diego” and “Brooklyn 9-9” Jake Zimanskoho. Brothers Dave (Zac Efron) and Mike Stenhl (Adam Devine) real party-goers. But every family celebration turns into a catastrophe for the other family members. Not far off their sisters wedding in Hawaii. Parents brothers decide to go for tough measures, or Mike and Dave come to celebrate with decent girls, or may not come at all. The guys gave without thinking twice ads to show on who they want. Free opportunity to go to Hawaii attracted two girls: Tanya (Aubrey Plaza) and Alice (Anna Kendrick). Both brothers delighted with their couples, they do not know that the two are more than unmanaged and crazy guys.

Genre: Comedy
Country: United States
Film: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, Chernin Entertainment, TSG Entertainment
Director: Jake Zimanskyy
Cast: Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, Adam Devine, Stephen Root, Chloe Bridges, Stephanie Beard, Sam Richardson Kumeyl Nandzhiani, Alice Vetterlund
Duration: 1:38:32
frame size: 720 x 304
bitrate: 1905 kb / s
Quality: BDRip
codec: AC3 2.0
Bit Rate: 192 kb / s
Size: 1.45 GB

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