Movie ARQ 2016

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For many years, as the planet is plunged into chaos, most of the energy sources exhausted their resources. Constantly flashes of varying intensity war between corporations and states remains. The only thing that everyone needs – energy in its various forms, it has become the most valuable in the world. Young scientist – Renton, was able to create something unique, his creation he called the “Arch”, it is able to reproduce the enormous amount of energy, it can put an end to all the internecine wars. Naturally, his project was hidden from prying eyes, and was developed in secrecy. However, the information is somehow able to infiltrate and his baby at exactly 6:17 in the morning came two bandits wearing masks. To get a new source of energy, thugs kill the creator and his girlfriend Hannah. But the device itself somehow could create a time loop, after the murder of Renton is again in bed, before the moment when, in his apartment – a laboratory burst unknown. He needs to come up with a new plan to save their lives and get out of the temporary collapse …

Genre: Fantasy, Thriller
Director: Tony Elliott
Cast: Robbie Amell, Rachael Taylor, Gray Powell, Jacob Niyem, Shaun Benson, Adam Butcher, Jamie Spilchuk

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